Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What Up Wednesday 11 Nov 2015


For my second instalment of What Up Wednesday, I can offer some information about my current NaNoWriMo project.

I’m always second guessing what project I should be working on. Last week I decided to work on the Wattpad story I started on vacation in September. Of course, the moment that I made the decision to work solely on this story for a whole month, the second guessing came back.

“Why not work on this book? That other book? Why?”

But then it hit me in the most simplest way – it doesn’t matter.

I can work on one thing for a month and ignore the other story ideas I have for a while. There’s always next month and the month after to go back to them. What I didn’t work on last month, or even what I was working on, can wait a month while I do this gut instinct response project.

It doesn’t matter.

So far I have 4383 words of the small 25,000 word goal I set myself for my own personal NaNoWriMo experience. I think putting things in perspective and aiming for smaller goals sort of makes it easier on me. Too often I have the grandiose idea of what the whole series and all the characters will do. Granted, that’s fun in itself, but it means trying to work out too much all at once. This way, I’m taking it in smaller chunks.

It’s been too easy for me to get involved with the routine of work, even though there’s not much going on at the library at all. Without the word count aims, no matter how small for each day, I would only have the day job to place my aspirations in. That’s just not enough.

Steve and I have been talking about how day jobs suck the creative opportunities out of it for us. At the end of the day, what do we have to show for what we’ve done, especially if we’re just working on something that someone else has given us as a project to do. We’re a small piece of the puzzle there. At home, with our own work, we can take pride in doing our own book or our own artwork. There’s more self satisfaction and pride in that kind of work.

Anyway, for my book inspiration I’ve been reading The Secrets We Keep and Life and Death. I’ve been using Word, Scrivener, Wattpad, and Evernote to get my word count down. I even added my story to Inkitt for the NaNo contest. Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Writing by the seat of my pants

Typewriter Letters

Write. That’s the most important thing, right?

I was watching a documentary on Ian Fleming, and his advice about writing was to just get the story down.

Writing about 2,000 words in three hours every morning, 'Casino Royale' dutifully produced itself. I wrote nothing and made no corrections until the book was finished. If I had looked back at what I had written the day before I might have despaired.
~ Ian Fleming

Now, my biggest hang-ups are indecisiveness. What should I write about? Is what I’m writing the right thing I should be writing at the moment? Is this anything anyone would read? Would I read this? Etc.

So, what I started working on today was what I started working on in Wattpad while I was back home in Florida in September. I’ve always wanted something contemporary and girlie like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, and the beach made a perfect setting.

But I have no plot. I have no outline. Just a basic idea. I’m just going to write stuff and make a huge mess and see where it leaves me. I’m not expecting to get to 50k this month, maybe 25k if I’m lucky. But that’s fine for me at the moment.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great NaNoWriMo. Keep on writing. The finish line will be there, so we have to keep running, walking, and even crawling toward it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Up Wednesday 28 Oct 2015

More beer

Since Wednesday is my only day off half day, I’ll try to update with a What up Wednesday theme for posts. I’m intentionally not making it What’s up Wednesday because the apostrophe doesn’t translate well when my auto links generate to Twitter.

So, what’s up?

1. I’ve been offered a position on the IT team for the libraries, so sometime after Christmas, I presume, I’ll be moved to a big customer first centre to hang out with the librarians and the techies. I’ll still be an assistant, but I’ll be roaming about, learning and teaching and computing. Yes, I am totally excited.

2. We watched the first episode of Mr. Robot, which was really good much to my surprise.

3. Last movie I watched was Jurassic World – better than I thought it would be as well.

4. We bought our tickets to The Force Awakens. We’ll go on opening night after work. Hooray!

5. I watched the rebroadcast of Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch. That was, hands down, one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been to a really, big time play before, so after seeing it on a cinema screen, I can only imagine how much more amazing it was live. I really could write a whole review on the thing because it was so well done, but just trust me when I say you have to see it. It was movie quality with awesome sound and set design, and they moved the play along so well it was just … well, see it when it comes out on DVD.

6. I’m still reading Life and Death. I only get to read a bit at a time, and it is interesting, I’m just snatching a few pages here and there during my commute.

7. I hear from my high school/college bestie on FB messenger. That’s always a nice thing.

8. I’ve been invited to a birthday party for one of the girls at work – that’s a nice thing too.

9. I bought Sims 4 finally because it’s only £30 at Game. Not sure if it’ll work on my current PC, but I thought I’d try it now that we’ve updated to Windows 10.

10. I had an incident with the bus Monday morning. Our stop was covered in “there will be bus reroutes” signs, but no info where we can actually get the bus. The neighbour and I have no had to walk all the way down the road to the next stop up. On the bright side, I now have a little chat with my neighbour in the morning.

11. No real writing done. I really need to brainstorm ideas. At least I have the weekend off to start NaNoWriMo properly.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Preparing for NaNoWriMo–Part 2–Time Management

New YA books

This is always a topic of blog conversation around this time of year. I have a similar I mention this at least once a day – having a full time job all but kills the creative process.

It will sit there, waiting to come back to life, but the lack of hours in a day just don’t let us resuscitate it.

Someone once told me that you can have children and a working life if you just lose out on sleep. I’ve often thought about that in regards to keeping a book going, but it’s only going to last a couple days max before you fizzle out.

That’s why the only thing I can figure out is: you have to find the time when it’s good for you. Even if it’s a few moments to get some words down, use them. Bad words are better than no words.

Right now, the only way I can get in any work are my blessed, uncommon days off. I get to the library early, and spend about 20 minutes of quiet time before someone else comes in, and I write. It seems to flow fairly easily too because the morning commute gives me a while to think and to imagine what my characters should be doing.

I’ve tried writing on the bus. It didn’t work out very well. All those bumps, starts and stops left me spending more time retyping typos on my phone.

Since I have a work PC, I have to use a note keeping app. A simple design is all you need for a quick sprint away from home. I’m tempted to try using Write or Die to get some words written in the morning.

Granted, I do write a lot better when it’s me, my computer, my office, and the quiet. I like my home time and I like time to be in the zone. Until then, I have to grab my word count where I can get it.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Prepping for NaNoWriMo–Part 1–Distractions

Sunset on the water

I live in a loud house. Most of us do, I’m sure. When I’m not able to be at home, I’m out in public where it’s loud as well.

That’s why the topic of my first Prepping for NaNoWriMo post is about choosing ways to keep you from being distracted.

I’ve started a Spotify playlist for my current work in progress. As I’m typing this blog post, my husband has a podcast playing, he’s cooking dinner (bless him), the television is on, and the cat’s scratching at the door in attempts to get my attention.

I can only imagine how houses with kids will be on the distraction/noise front.

Anyway, so back to the playlist. I’ve done this before, and it seemed to help me a lot. I choice books that suit the mood of the novel, and books that remind me of the characters. The movie that’s in your head needs a soundtrack, right?

Generally I like a like of silence when I’m trying to write, but the only time that’s possible is if I wrote in the middle of the night. (Pesky day job.) So instead I have to write on the fly, and at home whenever I can. The walls are far from soundproof, and headphones keep me in my own little world when I’m out on my commute, so finding music that puts me in the mind set of the book is really helpful.